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Internet-related sex crimes: juveniles can be unwary

We are both succinct and upfront on a relevant page of our website referring to Missouri sex-focused offenses at the St. Louis criminal defense firm of Rosenblum Fry, noting that, "The stigma and criminal penalties associated with a sex crime conviction are significant."

And that can often seem to be true in a comparatively outsized way for juveniles and other young offenders, who sometimes appear to have been clearly in the dark regarding the downside consequences of their conduct in a specific instance. Moreover (and especially as regards unlawful sexual activity), adolescents -- and even individuals who have just passed the teen years and are in the workplace or in school -- frequently tell law enforcers and defense attorneys that they didn't even know that behavior they engaged in violated any law.

Doctor's story underscores white collar prosecution concerns

We noted in a blog post from a few weeks back "the steady stream of media stories these days chronicling tales of alleged wrongdoing" by individuals in the singular area of white collar crime.

And we additionally noted in our March 31 entry at the St. Louis criminal defense firm of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry that one of the areas that has garnered top-tier attention from law enforcers and prosecutors -- both state and federal -- is the health care realm.

Facebook's move: Will it dampen Internet criminal surveillance?

Recent news accounts chronicle the potential for users' privacy on the Internet to be materially eroded, if not outright eviscerated.

Online privacy has emerged as a major public concern in recent years, as leaps-and-bounds surges in technology-fueled monitoring tools have put consumers front and center as exceedingly vulnerable targets of law enforcers' surveillance efforts.

6 common DUI defenses

Imagine spending the day at your friend's BBQ and enoying the nice weather along with some brisket, ribs and beer. On your way home, a police officer pulls your vehicle over. The next thing you know, the officer is charging you with driving under the influence. Challenging a drunk driving charge can be very difficult, but it is possible.

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence, you should remember that you still have the right to defend yourself. An experienced criminal attorney in the Saint Louis area can help you fight DUI charges. Read more about six common defenses to a DUI charge.

White collar crime: growing focus of regulators, law enforcers

That white collar crime is increasingly on the minds of regulators and law enforcement agencies in Missouri and across the country is amply evidenced by the steady stream of media stories these days chronicling tales of alleged wrongdoing by individuals and business entities in this singular area of law.

White collar probes and prosecutions might be seen by some people as comparatively less severe in nature than are investigations regarding charges related to things like drug offenses, violent crimes, sexual assault and so forth.

Two sides to a criminal case: MD's defense could be compelling

In the realm of American criminal law, certain principles stand as inviolable and absolutely crucial to the notion of fundamental justice.

The presumption of innocence, for example. No criminal conviction in the absence of a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The right of an accused to secure legal representation and defend against criminal accusations.

Parents: 3 ways to challenge a DUI stop

The last thing you ever expected was to get a call from the police station stating that your child had been arrested for driving drunk. Your teen isn't even old enough to drink. A DUI can impact your child now and in the future, so it's important to understand how to fight against the charges. There are a few different methods, each of which has the potential to have the case dismissed.

Police/citizen roadway interactions: increasingly stressful affairs

What do you do if, following the sudden and flatly dismal moment that you see police lights flashing from a closely tailing squad car at night, you have dutifully come to a stop on a roadway shoulder?

That is, how should you now behave?

Puzzle and paradox: Why do some innocent people falsely confess?

It could likely be the ultimate conundrum in criminal law, with it perhaps never being fully understood why any human being with even a shred of rationality would ever confess to the commission of a serious crime, knowing that a harsh term of incarceration potentially awaits as a result.

And yet it happens, both in St. Louis and across the country. Indeed, and as noted in a recent national media report citing evidence culled in a national database with relevant data on wrongful convictions, such convictions were linked with false confessions in approximately 12% of all instances.

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