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Selling or giving away your prescription pills can result in jail

You had a surgery or recently completed treatment for an injury. You're feeling a lot better, and you have no need for that powerful synthetic pain medication prescribed by your doctor. Then, someone you know, maybe a friend or co-worker, sees the pills in your cabinet or purse and offers to buy them. You aren't taking them, and who doesn't like a little extra cash?

Unfortunately, by agreeing to give or sell your pain medication to someone else, you're committing a serious crime. Under Missouri law, delivery of a controlled substance is a felony. If your friend or co-worker gets caught with those pills, you could end up in a lot of legal trouble. In some cases, people on prescribed medication that wasn't theirs have died or crashed vehicles, resulting in lawsuits and criminal charges against the person who provided the pills.

Cabinet chief: adjustments needed re college sex-crimes accusations

Current U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently offered up comments on the issue of campus-based handling of sex-crimes cases at colleges and universities across the country. Her tone was emphatic, with the words she delivered being blunt and manifestly clear.

"Survivors [of campus assaults] aren't well served when they are re-traumatized with appeal after appeal because the failed system failed the accused," she told an audience near the White House.

Government's asset-forfeiture powers reined in by House bill

How would you feel if you lived in a country where government authorities could summarily empty your bank accounts and freely avail themselves of assets like your house and car through confiscation? And what it they could simply keep that money and property without ever citing probable cause to suspect you of criminal activity?

You already reside in such a nation.

Court: can't reach gun-crime evidence when warrant is invalid

Government: He is a known gang member, and we saw him throw a gun out an apartment window. What is wrong with our seizure of the weapon and his subsequent conviction for illegal possession of a firearm?

Court: There is plenty wrong with the seizure, most centrally the fact that police officers had no legal right to even be at the suspect's home to conduct a search for criminally related evidence.

Health care fraud unquestionably a top-tier criminal law concern

Two things might reasonably be noted immediately concerning health care fraud in the realm of alleged wrongdoing involving Medicare/Medicaid billings.

First, that government focus is seemingly relentless and overpowering, with wide-ranging evidence existing to indicate that regulators and criminal law enforcers have made health care fraud-related arrests and convictions an absolute top priority among their investigative efforts.

Should police stops in Missouri copy this approach?

Allegations of racial profiling and other types of unlawful conduct featuring in stops initiated by police officers in St. Louis and other communities across Missouri are hardly novel occurrences.

In fact, high numbers of pedestrian and traffic stops across the state that allegedly result from cops' reasonable suspicions regarding things like ongoing drug activity, weapon concealment and violent crimes bring community-based complaints charging pretense and other unlawful motives for questioning and searching select individuals.

Your diet might cause a false positive on a breathalyzer

Once you decided to start a low-calorie diet, you thought only of the positives and the outcome you were trying to achieve. When a Saint Louis police officer pulled you over and you tested positive for alcohol on a breathalyzer, you never thought your diet might have contributed to your subsequent arrest and driving while intoxicated charge.

Many people decide to switch to very low-calorie diets when they are trying to lose weight. Generally, when following this kind of diet, people tend to consume essential proteins and fats but very little to no carbohydrates. This causes fat to become your primary energy source. When this occurs, the diet falls into the ketogenic category.

Questions to ask when hiring your criminal defense lawyer

The benefit of having a criminal defense attorney by your side during criminal trial proceedings is clear. For this reason, it is not only advised that people seek representation from a lawyer when facing a crime, it is a legal right. Even defendants who have no money to afford an attorney of their own will be provided a public defender by the Missouri court system.

However, every criminal defense attorney is different. Certain ones may be more suitable to help you than others.

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