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A bulls-eye target for regulators: white collar criminal suspects

Here's an interesting point to note about white collar crime, and something that is occasionally acknowledged by even police investigators and prosecutors: alleged wrongdoers sometimes get ensnared in fraud-related matters with scarce -- or even no -- evidence that they committed an illegal act with the purposeful intention of doing so.

What activities do white collar criminal laws prohibit?

Crimes involving financial fraud, commonly referred to as white collar crimes, occur in a surprisingly diverse range of contexts. Examples include mail fraud, investment fraud and tax evasion, when an individual willfully defrauds the federal government from taxes owed. There’s even a type of health care fraud, where a provider might over charge or bill for work that was never done.

Can your social media profiles be used in court?

When you sign up for social media profiles, you think of them as something over which you have ownership. You expect a certain degree of privacy, and you even get "privacy" settings to help control who can see what. Do you have a right to privacy in all cases, or can courts use this information?

White collar crime: growing focus of regulators, law enforcers

That white collar crime is increasingly on the minds of regulators and law enforcement agencies in Missouri and across the country is amply evidenced by the steady stream of media stories these days chronicling tales of alleged wrongdoing by individuals and business entities in this singular area of law.

What counts as embezzlement?

White collar crimes are taken very seriously and carry heavy penalties. Those who work in industries such as accounting, sales, banking or other fields that involve the handling of money should be aware of the dangers of embezzlement. Someone must have intention in order for their actions to be considered embezzlement, but even accidental mishandling of money can lead to a precarious legal situation. Here's what employees should know about embezzlement.

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