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New MO federal attorney spotlights sharp prosecutorial focus

Missouri has always been a state where alleged criminal activity is relentlessly probed and harshly prosecuted.

And that is hardly about to change under the helm of Timothy A. Garrison, the recently appointed U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Federal drug case spotlights “poisonous tree” doctrine

We suspect that most of our readers in St. Louis and across Missouri and other states have a healthy respect for police officers driving anywhere near them on streets and freeways.

That is, motorists tend to immediately reduce their speed when they see a police car, almost as a knee-jerk reaction.

6 tips if your child gets arrested

You get that call in the middle of the night. Your child got arrested. You just lie in bed with your phone after the call ends, staring at the ceiling and wondering what to do next. This is not something you ever planned for.

It can be stressful and confusing. It is critical that you know how to approach this delicate situation. Here are six tips that can help:

Multiple St. Louis County cops having DWI scrapes

Talk about unforgiving.

If you believe that the aftermath of a drunk driving conviction in Missouri is generally marked by dire unpleasantries (and it is certainly reasonable to think so), imagine the perspective of a St. Louis metro police officer who is charged with a DWI offense.

Material misconceptions regarding white collar crime

We note from long professional experience that many defendants across Missouri and elsewhere facing white collar criminal charges never consciously set out to engage in unlawful behavior. We stress on our website at Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry that “panic regarding cash flow and a ‘slippery slope’ to more serious legal infractions often form the background to many of these types of cases.”

That inside perspective on white collar crime psychology and motivation is often echoed in national reports and studies. A Washington Post article notes, for example, the view of an ex prosecutor that many white collar criminal defendants cannot recollect when or how they crossed the proverbial line of no return concerning wrongful activity. Frequently, they find “that they simply slid gradually and inexorably over it, one small step at a time.”

A compelling need to reform/improve witness ID processes

Every American law school student becomes acquainted with one select quote very early in their legal studies.

It comes courtesy of the illustrious Sir William Blackstone, a renowned 18th-century judge and jurist. Blackstone allegedly uttered the following words, which still resonate in an aspirational and idealistic way for criminal law attorneys across the United States:

Homicide charges vary greatly in Missouri

There is no mistaking the fact that taking another person's life is not tolerated by the law unless there are very specific criteria present, such as it being done in self defense. There are many different types of homicide charges that a person can face in Missouri.

When you are charged with killing someone in this state, your top concern should be finding out what type of charge you are facing. This is important because it can impact the penalties.

Major fed sting targets health care fraud, drug crimes

Some state and federal criminal task forces – both singly and together – target drug crimes. Others focus on fraud-linked offenses.

And, increasingly, many investigative teams concentrate on both, as evidenced by news stories that feature criminal probes into things like prescription drug fraud.

Organizations file class action suit against gang database

Several organizations have banded together in a federal lawsuit against the Chicago police department over the use of a gang member database. The database compiles information about suspected gang members based on gang attire, tattoos, and other distinguishing characteristics. Many other cities use similar resources.

Developments point toward greater white collar crime scrutiny

One thing we know as being unquestionably true about white collar criminal activity in Missouri and nationally is that the already broad scope of its investigation by state and federal task forces is progressively increasing.

Probes into activities ranging from health care fraud and embezzlement to tax evasion and other alleged offenses readily evidence that. Compared with the efforts of previous years, current investigations are more wide-ranging and better financed. And government attorneys are diligently pursuing convictions and harsh sentencing outcomes.

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