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White collar crime: growing focus of regulators, law enforcers

That white collar crime is increasingly on the minds of regulators and law enforcement agencies in Missouri and across the country is amply evidenced by the steady stream of media stories these days chronicling tales of alleged wrongdoing by individuals and business entities in this singular area of law.

Parents: 3 ways to challenge a DUI stop

The last thing you ever expected was to get a call from the police station stating that your child had been arrested for driving drunk. Your teen isn't even old enough to drink. A DUI can impact your child now and in the future, so it's important to understand how to fight against the charges. There are a few different methods, each of which has the potential to have the case dismissed.

Puzzle and paradox: Why do some innocent people falsely confess?

It could likely be the ultimate conundrum in criminal law, with it perhaps never being fully understood why any human being with even a shred of rationality would ever confess to the commission of a serious crime, knowing that a harsh term of incarceration potentially awaits as a result.

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