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What activities do white collar criminal laws prohibit?

Crimes involving financial fraud, commonly referred to as white collar crimes, occur in a surprisingly diverse range of contexts. Examples include mail fraud, investment fraud and tax evasion, when an individual willfully defrauds the federal government from taxes owed. There’s even a type of health care fraud, where a provider might over charge or bill for work that was never done.

Can your social media profiles be used in court?

When you sign up for social media profiles, you think of them as something over which you have ownership. You expect a certain degree of privacy, and you even get "privacy" settings to help control who can see what. Do you have a right to privacy in all cases, or can courts use this information?

Do drug charges miss the real issue?

You're arrested for heroin possession and facing a long jail sentence. Throughout the entire process, the authorities act like this is just a simple choice you made, something you brought upon yourself. They treat it the same as the decision to steal a car or commit fraud on your taxes.

Cautionary tale: the dire importance of strong criminal defense

With undue and sad regularity, stories emerge in Missouri and nationally that underscore an unquestionable fallibility inherent in the criminal justice system and the attendant need of every criminal suspect to secure timely, knowledge and aggressive defense representation.

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