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St. Louis County group accused of terrorism aid may be innocent

The defense for a group accused of giving aid to an alleged ISIS fighter has made a motion to dismiss some of the most serious charges. The group of six St. Louis County residents and others was indicted in 2015 on counts of providing and conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists.

Dennis Hastert released from federal prison

While a great deal of media attention has been dedicated to O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has quietly left federal prison. Hastert, known as the longest serving Republican speaker was released on Monday and moved to a halfway house in Chicago where he will serve the remainder of his 15 month sentence for bank fraud.

A bulls-eye target for regulators: white collar criminal suspects

Here's an interesting point to note about white collar crime, and something that is occasionally acknowledged by even police investigators and prosecutors: alleged wrongdoers sometimes get ensnared in fraud-related matters with scarce -- or even no -- evidence that they committed an illegal act with the purposeful intention of doing so.

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