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A vast sliding scale when it comes to Missouri weapons charges

What might conceivably happen to a Missouri resident or other individual in the state who is arrested and ultimately convicted on a criminal gun-related charge or other weapons offense? What is the potential downside?

Who can say?

Although that answer might sound a bit quick and flippant, it is in no way intended to be a dismissive and unhelpful response.

Indeed, we offer it up at the proven St. Louis criminal defense firm of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry in order to make a direct and fundamental point, namely this: every criminal case in Missouri involving a weapon has a flatly unique fact pattern that must be evaluated on its own merits.

We succinctly stress that point on our firm's weapons charges webpage by noting that," Penalties associated with weapons violations vary significantly."

The bottom line in a given case might be a misdemeanor conviction that carries a fine and probation. Alternatively, the interplay of various factors could result in a criminal felony charge that brings the potential for a much harsher result, including a lengthy term of incarceration. Some matters might be construed solely as affairs to be dealt with under state law, with others ending up in federal court.

What we seek to convey in a dispassionate and straightforward way is that a fair degree of complexity and, certainly, seriousness can attach to any Missouri-based weapons charge.

And that in turn reasonably raises the need for any alleged offender to promptly enlist the counsel of a seasoned criminal defense attorney well experienced in advocating with passion and knowledge on behalf of clients in weapons-related matters.

Gun charges and other weapons offenses often yield stringent -- even draconian -- penalties. Aggressive and proven legal defense can seek to mitigate the downsides and secure best-case outcomes when liberty and related interests are on the line.

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