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Gun charge: sometimes resulting from a simple mistake

In the future, Scotty McCreery had better just stick to singing … and leave his gun at home.

Although some of our readers in St. Louis and across Missouri might not know who McCreery is, it is a safe bet that the young country singer is well known to many of our blog visitors.

Winning the television talent show American Idol will get you widely recognized, and in a hurry.

Until an episode that recently occurred at a North Carolina airport, McCreery's image has been a widely perceived amalgam of safe, sanitized and even wholesome traits.

And notwithstanding his recent criminal citation -- a misdemeanor -- received after airport officials espied a loaded handgun in his luggage, the young entertainer will likely remain a favorable public persona.

And that is because his criminal act is widely construed to have been a simple -- albeit unfortunate -- mistake. The singer had a concealed carry permit for the weapon, which he said he just forgot to remove from a bag before entering the airport.

Many people can identify with that. It does occasionally happen.

When it does, though, and notwithstanding authorities' acceptance of an "it was just an oversight" argument coupled with a quick and abject apology, it is unlikely that offenders -- even well-known individuals without prior criminal records -- will walk away unscathed. Law enforcers are routinely serious and uncompromising when it comes to gun-related infractions. Scotty McCreery has now been added to the legions of offenders who can readily attest to that fact.

Any person in Missouri or elsewhere across the country who faces a gun or other weapons charge might reasonably want to promptly secure the aid of a proven criminal defense attorney who routinely handles such cases.

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