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What is credit card fraud?

In today's modern age, more people than ever before are using credit cards and debit cards. While using cash and checks is still acceptable, this is going by the wayside to a certain degree.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a credit card or debit card, but here's something to remember: You don't want to be accused of fraud at any point.

As a form of identity theft, both credit card and debit card fraud are extremely serious.

Here are some of the many forms of credit card fraud:

  • When a person fraudulently obtains a credit card in another person's name
  • When a person steals another person's credit card and uses it to make purchases
  • A fraud spree, which can happen after stealing someone's credit card or simply using it in an unauthorized manner

Is it really that simple?

On the surface, it's easy to believe that credit card and debit card fraud is cut and dry. While this may be the case in some circumstances, it doesn't always hold true.

For example, you may believe that another person, such as a family member, gave you permission to use his or her credit card.

Conversely, that person has no idea what you are talking about, thus prompting the individual to call the authorities and accuse you of credit card fraud.

In other words, a minor mix-up could lead to a charge of credit card fraud, even when you had no idea of what was going on.

Since credit card and debit card fraud is a serious crime, you don't want to waste any time to learn more about your legal rights. If you find yourself dealing with this accusation, you need to know the finer details of your situation and the defense strategy you can use to clear your name.

Credit card fraud is every bit as serious as it sounds, so there is never a good time to take this lightly. A conviction could lead to imprisonment among other punishments.

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