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Woman convicted in 1981 murder has sentence commuted

On Dec. 20, the governor of Missouri announced that he commuted the sentence of a woman who was convicted of murder in 1982. The governor said that the decision was made after reviewing the case and working with the prosecutor and the woman's attorneys. She spent 35 years and 111 days in prison.

Attorney Scott Rosenblum Achieves Not Guilty Verdict For Client

When police arrest and charge someone with a crime, it's important to give the accused person the benefit of the doubt. In fact, this is exactly what Missouri courts will do. A Missouri criminal court will view every person accused of a crime as innocent until -- and only if - the person is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

On the DUI laws in Missouri

In the state of Missouri, there are numerous laws that deal with driving under the influence of alcohol. Many other states have laws that are similar, and though they may change from place to place, these laws do serve an important function. Today, we want to talk about what is in effect here in Missouri so that people are more aware of their rights and the consequential implications of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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