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Attorney Scott Rosenblum Achieves Not Guilty Verdict For Client

When police arrest and charge someone with a crime, it's important to give the accused person the benefit of the doubt. In fact, this is exactly what Missouri courts will do. A Missouri criminal court will view every person accused of a crime as innocent until -- and only if - the person is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Attorney Scott Rosenblum recently defended a case that reveals just how important this notion of "innocent until proven guilty" actually is.

Example of a successful murder defense

Attorney Scott Rosenblum recently defended a 28-year-old man whom prosecutors charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors alleged that the man murdered his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend after breaking into the girlfriend's home. Later, Attorney Rosenblum presented facts that cast sufficient doubt on the prosecution's allegations to result in a verdict of not guilty.

The facts revealed that the ex-boyfriend shot the now-deceased boyfriend in self-defense. Evidence further revealed that the ex-boyfriend did not break into the home. Rather, he was returning a load of laundry and had knocked on the door of the apartment before entering. Later, after the new boyfriend charged at him and threatened his life, he defended himself by opening fire.

During the criminal proceedings, Facebook messages and text messages proved that the new boyfriend had threatened the ex-boyfriend's life in the past, even though the girlfriend claimed that this wasn't true. The girlfriend also admitted that she lied to police regarding other details pertaining to the case.

All defendants deserve their day in court

In this case, Rosenblum achieved a verdict of not guilty for the defendant by:

  1. Presenting various facts that supported the ex-boyfriend's good character;
  2. Presenting facts that revealed the new boyfriend's questionable character;
  3. Presenting facts that cast doubt on the veracity of the girlfriend's statements and
  4. Utilizing an in-depth understanding of criminal defense law to advocate on his client's behalf.

Every Missouri resident facing violent crime charges deserves his or her day in court. As this example reveals, we never know what really happened in a case until we have heard both sides of the story.

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