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Forensic science infallibility increasingly questioned

It is unsurprising that legions of Americans all across the country put high credibility on what they regard as the near-magic qualities of forensics science. After all, the processes and findings in that realm have been repeatedly blessed in CSI and related television dramas and movies for decades. Lab technicians working purposefully in sterilized labs with next-generation equipment and technologies simply do not err.

Recent fed actions signal enforcement uptick in opioid realm

Opioid addiction is a burning concern for state and federal authorities across the United States, including in Missouri. Prescription drug misuse and related problems have been termed a "crisis" by many commentators. Legislators and law enforcers seek desperately to gain control over what they view as an alarming and escalating issue.

When is a marijuana possession charge considered a felony?

Marijuana has been legalized – medically or recreationally – in many states, but Missouri is not one of them. While there are efforts to add a constitutional amendment to the 2018 election ballot that would legalize medical marijuana, current law does not allow marijuana use of any kind.

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