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Prescription drugs can sometimes involve criminal charges

Drug crimes come in a host of forms. You might automatically think about illegal drugs when you think of these charges, but it is possible for a person to face legal action due to prescription medications. In fact, charges can be levied on patients and providers, depending on the circumstances.

There really aren't many differences between prescription drugs and illegal drugs from the criminal justice aspect of their acquisition and dispensing. You can face some very serious consequences if you are convicted of a crime related to narcotics and other prescriptions. Here are some considerations for you to remember:

Prescriptions have limits

When it comes to prescribing physicians, there are limits to the kind of medicines they should prescribe to outpatients. All patients who are given a prescription should be examined, and the medications should be considered carefully. This is especially true for prescription pain relievers, e.g., narcotics, that have the possibility of being abused by patients. Doctors must keep accurate and complete records regarding patients who receive medications.

Prescriptions are only for the prescribed patient

Many people offer their prescriptions to someone else if they think it will help that person. The problem with this is that it is illegal. Even if the person has a prescription for the same drug, it is against the law to give them your medication. You can't give it to them for free and you can't sell it to them. Instead, they must use their own medications.

Documentation is necessary

One thing that you shouldn't ever do is carry around pills or medication without the proper packaging. Even if the medication is an over-the-counter one, you should still have something showing what it is. For prescriptions, you need the packaging or prescription bottle that has your name on it to prove that the medication is yours. This could save you from being falsely accused of having illegal medications in your possession.

When charges are pending

When you are facing charges for prescription drugs, you need to look into every facet of the case to determine how to proceed. Anything from civil rights violations by the arresting officers to being able to prove the drugs were legally yours might factor into your defense. It is important that you explore all options and get to work quickly mounting your criminal defense.

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