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Black eye for FBI in agency assertions re phone encryption threat

Criminal investigators in Missouri and nationally will not fail to zero in on an individual’s smartphone when they suspect that person of having engaged in unlawful activity. Law enforcers view such devices as rich troves of information that can prove important during jury deliberations or in a judge’s sentencing decision.

Is America’s proven emphasis on long prison terms misguided?

“[T]here’s really no sentence that’s too long when it comes to violent offenses,” says an American justice system commentator spotlighting a core belief held by legions of industry principals. That individual stresses that such a view has been “a dominant force in our criminal justice system for over 40 years,” back to the advent of the country’s War on Crime hardline stance against offenders.

For children, jail time does not deter crime

The idea behind sending juvenile offenders to jail is simple: If they spend time behind bars, then they become less likely to commit crimes as adults. The authorities want to step in early to stop future crimes. They see jail time as a deterrent that makes children want to avoid breaking the law.

Report: St. Louis metro has notable overprescription problem

Seemingly, it is just about impossible to not see a breaking story every other day or so that points to America’s notable prescription drug problem. Reams of evidence point squarely to what is a national epidemic of sorts tied to the highly addictive powers of so-called opioids like oxycodone, fentanyl and hydrocodone.

IRS program shutdown might bring even harsher enforcement penalties

Many thousands of Americans with overseas financial holdings have long chafed under the IRS collection initiative termed the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. Since the OVDP was launched in 2009, 56,000-plus taxpayers have reportedly stepped forward to comply with its reporting requirements in lieu of risking harsher sanctions for not doing so. The IRS states that it has collected more than $11 billion through the program.

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