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Material misconceptions regarding white collar crime

We note from long professional experience that many defendants across Missouri and elsewhere facing white collar criminal charges never consciously set out to engage in unlawful behavior. We stress on our website at Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry that “panic regarding cash flow and a ‘slippery slope’ to more serious legal infractions often form the background to many of these types of cases.”

Homicide charges vary greatly in Missouri

There is no mistaking the fact that taking another person's life is not tolerated by the law unless there are very specific criteria present, such as it being done in self defense. There are many different types of homicide charges that a person can face in Missouri.

Organizations file class action suit against gang database

Several organizations have banded together in a federal lawsuit against the Chicago police department over the use of a gang member database. The database compiles information about suspected gang members based on gang attire, tattoos, and other distinguishing characteristics. Many other cities use similar resources.

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