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MO sex offender registration: it’s not just about abstract stats

Sex offender-linked numbers and statistics in Missouri can seem a bit muddied and impersonal, with human stories sometimes being muted (victims’ tales, of course, but sometimes those of convicted offenders as well) in lieu of an emphasis on reams of numerical data.

Missouri drug court bill heads to governor’s desk

It passed through the Missouri Senate recently with unanimous agreement. State legislators now want to see Gov. Mike Parson affix his signature to a new would-be law that seeks to expand Missouri’s already successful drug courts program. A media article spotlighting the seminal legislation states that the state’s chief executive “is expected to sign the bill any day now.”

Understanding the reasons teens commit crimes

Teenage crime is a reality you've been aware of since your child became a teenager, something you have always worried about. You understand that one mistake at such a young age can alter someone's life forever. It could make it impossible to go to school and start a productive career. You do not want to see your child's life plans derailed over one decision made on an evening during these turbulent years.

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