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White collar crime: dive down into tougher proposed legislation

Any claim that state and federal investigative efforts into white collar crime are lax when compared with other criminal realms has long been debunked. White collar malfeasance in Missouri and nationally has in fact been a major focus of authorities for several years running.

Already spotlighted criminal sphere now receives even closer focus

There’s no question that the legal realm of white collar crime has received progressively more attention in recent years in Missouri and nationally. That has been especially true since the meltdown of the nation’s financial markets a few short years ago.

Carrying a knife for work or sport could cause criminal charges

There are so many reasons why people who live in Missouri might need to carry a knife. Some people carry a knife because they need it for work. Others just appreciate the convenience of having a knife on hand to cut packaging or perform other small tasks. Still others carry knives because hunting is one of their pastimes.

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