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Missouri’s medical marijuana program details begin to emerge

Missouri has long garnered the image of a state where actions speak louder than words. The state’s celebrated “Show Me” motto signifies a populace that favors the full vetting of a given concept well in advance of applying it.

Take the legalization of medical marijuana, for instance. There are of course many advocates of a formal medical pot scheme in the state, and they have been aggressively pushing their agenda for years.

It is just now, though, following a steady and sustained pot-linked dialogue and successively modified legislation, that the details are formally emerging on a Missouri medical marijuana program.

To be specific: State legislators watched 33 other states and Washington, D.C., establish legal schemes for medical pot before following suit. State voters endorsed the material change pursuant to their approval of Amendment 2 last year. Lawmakers and regulators have been working methodically since that time to craft precise and detailed rules governing everything from patient applications to licensing requirements for growth facilities and dispensaries.

Ostensibly, things seem to be unfolding in orderly fashion. Notably, a platform of revised rules was announced by state authorities just yesterday, with patient/business applications being accepted from today by the state’s Department of Health & Senior Services.

What will follow that is essentially a report-card process, with applicants being scored by regulators. Those who are deemed eligible to participate in the program will be given licenses sometime next year.

A recent media report on the programs stresses the likelihood that it will “generate tens of millions of dollars per year from licensing fees and tax proceeds.

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