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Examining privacy expectations re online app usage

Is it not a fair assumption that you – and here we collectively mean every reader of our blogs at the St. Louis criminal defense firm of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry – expect privacy to attach when you use one of your online apps?

Fair, maybe. An accurate assessment, well … think again.

Because Big Brother might be looking over your shoulder while you innocently interact with online data that you reasonably believe is your business and that of no one else.

There is absolutely no question that the privacy interests of Missouri residents and all other Americans across the country have been increasingly challenged – arguably, even materially eroded – in recent years.

Ironically, technological advances that tout user ease and attendant on-the go privacy via online tools linked with mobile devices have played a major part in that. Government actors command plenary resources and tech sophistication. The bottom line is that entities like law enforcement agencies can often access your perceived private data just as quickly and thoroughly as you can.

And unbeknownst to you.

“I think right now people assume they own all their data,” says one privacy-rights advocate. She and legions of other individuals and groups that promote civil liberty know that such is not the case. As she duly points out in her capacity as director of criminal justice at one institute, people often don’t understand “the reach that private companies and law enforcement have on their information.”

We will take a closer look at that in our next blog post.

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