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Prescription drugs can sometimes involve criminal charges

Drug crimes come in a host of forms. You might automatically think about illegal drugs when you think of these charges, but it is possible for a person to face legal action due to prescription medications. In fact, charges can be levied on patients and providers, depending on the circumstances.

3 ways you could commit credit card fraud without realizing it

Credit card fraud is a very serious crime in Saint Louis as well as every other city across the country. You probably would not ever consider stealing someone's card and using it or engaging in an identity theft scheme that involves credit cards. However, these are not the only ways to commit credit card fraud. In fact, you might have unintentionally committed credit card fraud in the last day, week or even month.

Has Missouri decriminalized marijuana?

The decriminalization of marijuana has slowly been moving across the United States. It started with the recognition of legal medical marijuana, and now many states -- such as Colorado -- have even decided to make small amounts of recreational marijuana legal.

What is credit card fraud?

In today's modern age, more people than ever before are using credit cards and debit cards. While using cash and checks is still acceptable, this is going by the wayside to a certain degree.

Selling or giving away your prescription pills can result in jail

You had a surgery or recently completed treatment for an injury. You're feeling a lot better, and you have no need for that powerful synthetic pain medication prescribed by your doctor. Then, someone you know, maybe a friend or co-worker, sees the pills in your cabinet or purse and offers to buy them. You aren't taking them, and who doesn't like a little extra cash?

Your diet might cause a false positive on a breathalyzer

Once you decided to start a low-calorie diet, you thought only of the positives and the outcome you were trying to achieve. When a Saint Louis police officer pulled you over and you tested positive for alcohol on a breathalyzer, you never thought your diet might have contributed to your subsequent arrest and driving while intoxicated charge.

Questions to ask when hiring your criminal defense lawyer

The benefit of having a criminal defense attorney by your side during criminal trial proceedings is clear. For this reason, it is not only advised that people seek representation from a lawyer when facing a crime, it is a legal right. Even defendants who have no money to afford an attorney of their own will be provided a public defender by the Missouri court system.

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