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Did police even remotely have probable cause in this case?

A prosecutorial team might be wishing in hindsight that it never followed through with a criminal case that is now being held up to some ridicule in the national press. Although that matter relates to an Ohio traffic stop and drug arrest, we spotlight its main details here for Missouri readers to underscore instructive points it makes concerning the important criminal law principle of probable cause.

Black eye for FBI in agency assertions re phone encryption threat

Criminal investigators in Missouri and nationally will not fail to zero in on an individual’s smartphone when they suspect that person of having engaged in unlawful activity. Law enforcers view such devices as rich troves of information that can prove important during jury deliberations or in a judge’s sentencing decision.

Report: St. Louis metro has notable overprescription problem

Seemingly, it is just about impossible to not see a breaking story every other day or so that points to America’s notable prescription drug problem. Reams of evidence point squarely to what is a national epidemic of sorts tied to the highly addictive powers of so-called opioids like oxycodone, fentanyl and hydrocodone.

Recent fed actions signal enforcement uptick in opioid realm

Opioid addiction is a burning concern for state and federal authorities across the United States, including in Missouri. Prescription drug misuse and related problems have been termed a "crisis" by many commentators. Legislators and law enforcers seek desperately to gain control over what they view as an alarming and escalating issue.

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