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6 common DUI defenses

Imagine spending the day at your friend's BBQ and enjoying the nice weather along with some brisket, ribs and beer. On your way home, a police officer pulls your vehicle over. The next thing you know, the officer is charging you with driving under the influence. Challenging a drunk driving charge can be very difficult, but it is possible.

Parents: 3 ways to challenge a DUI stop

The last thing you ever expected was to get a call from the police station stating that your child had been arrested for driving drunk. Your teen isn't even old enough to drink. A DUI can impact your child now and in the future, so it's important to understand how to fight against the charges. There are a few different methods, each of which has the potential to have the case dismissed.

Facing DWI or DUID Charges In Missouri? What You Need To Know

Many drivers throughout the St. Louis area have likely been pulled over by the police and can attest to the feelings of anxiety and fear the experience provokes. For numerous reasons, it's completely normal to be nervous when you're pulled over and questioned by the police. In cases where it becomes apparent that a police officer suspects that you are somehow impaired, the experience can quickly escalate and become downright terrifying.

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