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St. Louis County group accused of terrorism aid may be innocent

The defense for a group accused of giving aid to an alleged ISIS fighter has made a motion to dismiss some of the most serious charges. The group of six St. Louis County residents and others was indicted in 2015 on counts of providing and conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists.

SCOTUS case spotlights cellphone privacy rights

Today you might have gone to a couple stores, maybe a bar or restaurant, a doctor's office and a baseball game. Maybe you went to a place or two you would just as soon not identify to anyone for personal reasons, and you don't really consider that any third party's business.

Cautionary tale: the dire importance of strong criminal defense

With undue and sad regularity, stories emerge in Missouri and nationally that underscore an unquestionable fallibility inherent in the criminal justice system and the attendant need of every criminal suspect to secure timely, knowledge and aggressive defense representation.

Puzzle and paradox: Why do some innocent people falsely confess?

It could likely be the ultimate conundrum in criminal law, with it perhaps never being fully understood why any human being with even a shred of rationality would ever confess to the commission of a serious crime, knowing that a harsh term of incarceration potentially awaits as a result.

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