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Organizations file class action suit against gang database

Several organizations have banded together in a federal lawsuit against the Chicago police department over the use of a gang member database. The database compiles information about suspected gang members based on gang attire, tattoos, and other distinguishing characteristics. Many other cities use similar resources.

Inside the interrogation room

A key part of American justice is the concept of innocent until proven guilty. While this is the underlying goal of the judicial system, the process is long and complicated. Police who arrest suspects do so with different motivation than a judge or jury who determines guilt and innocence.

Woman convicted in 1981 murder has sentence commuted

On Dec. 20, the governor of Missouri announced that he commuted the sentence of a woman who was convicted of murder in 1982. The governor said that the decision was made after reviewing the case and working with the prosecutor and the woman's attorneys. She spent 35 years and 111 days in prison.

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