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White collar crime: dive down into tougher proposed legislation

Any claim that state and federal investigative efforts into white collar crime are lax when compared with other criminal realms has long been debunked. White collar malfeasance in Missouri and nationally has in fact been a major focus of authorities for several years running.

Already spotlighted criminal sphere now receives even closer focus

There’s no question that the legal realm of white collar crime has received progressively more attention in recent years in Missouri and nationally. That has been especially true since the meltdown of the nation’s financial markets a few short years ago.

DOJ spiel on corporate crime: epochal or just a rehash?

The deep criminal defense team at the St. Louis law firm of Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry has more than an academic knowledge of government strategies applicable to federal white collar criminal investigations. Indeed, we have handled many hundreds of corporate crime-linked cases.

Material misconceptions regarding white collar crime

We note from long professional experience that many defendants across Missouri and elsewhere facing white collar criminal charges never consciously set out to engage in unlawful behavior. We stress on our website at Rosenblum Schwartz & Fry that “panic regarding cash flow and a ‘slippery slope’ to more serious legal infractions often form the background to many of these types of cases.”

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