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What might materially improve Missouri’s budget problem?

Mary Ann McGivern says that her reasoned view regarding a material budget fix to Missouri’s governmental money woes might not fly with a number of residents, especially public officials. Rather than endorsing her ideas and promoting their implementation, she fears that state decision makers are more apt to simply deem her “a lunatic.”

Missouri drug court bill heads to governor’s desk

It passed through the Missouri Senate recently with unanimous agreement. State legislators now want to see Gov. Mike Parson affix his signature to a new would-be law that seeks to expand Missouri’s already successful drug courts program. A media article spotlighting the seminal legislation states that the state’s chief executive “is expected to sign the bill any day now.”

Did police even remotely have probable cause in this case?

A prosecutorial team might be wishing in hindsight that it never followed through with a criminal case that is now being held up to some ridicule in the national press. Although that matter relates to an Ohio traffic stop and drug arrest, we spotlight its main details here for Missouri readers to underscore instructive points it makes concerning the important criminal law principle of probable cause.

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