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Is America’s proven emphasis on long prison terms misguided?

“[T]here’s really no sentence that’s too long when it comes to violent offenses,” says an American justice system commentator spotlighting a core belief held by legions of industry principals. That individual stresses that such a view has been “a dominant force in our criminal justice system for over 40 years,” back to the advent of the country’s War on Crime hardline stance against offenders.

IRS program shutdown might bring even harsher enforcement penalties

Many thousands of Americans with overseas financial holdings have long chafed under the IRS collection initiative termed the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. Since the OVDP was launched in 2009, 56,000-plus taxpayers have reportedly stepped forward to comply with its reporting requirements in lieu of risking harsher sanctions for not doing so. The IRS states that it has collected more than $11 billion through the program.

IRS now strongly focused on so-called "cryptocurrency"

Criminal law authorities and enforcers in the United States are being progressively challenged these days by unfolding technologies that test their abilities to monitor citizens' actions and call out unlawful behavior when they allege it is occurring.

Should high-profile figures receive harsher criminal sentences?

Imagine that an individual -- defendant Jones -- is convicted of a white collar crime -- let's say embezzlement -- and sentenced to a prison term by a federal judge in St. Louis. Mr. Jones is decidedly a low-profile person. That is, he is not known to any degree in the public, and his crime is basically back-page news.

Government's asset-forfeiture powers reined in by House bill

How would you feel if you lived in a country where government authorities could summarily empty your bank accounts and freely avail themselves of assets like your house and car through confiscation? And what it they could simply keep that money and property without ever citing probable cause to suspect you of criminal activity?

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